Oh yeah I should give it a title

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Alas, I have neglected my blog.

To be honest for a few days there I was sort of in denial about my life and beyond the bare essentials of schoolwork all I did was cook and make houses in The Sims 3. And listen to audiobooks while I made houses in The Sims. But then I ordered an Arduino starter kit, bought some new yarn, got myself back into gear and have been busy making things. Here is a list of them!

I uh, got really excited about knitting this weekend. And for the first half-hour or so of possessing my Arduino kit I was so excited I couldn’t really focus well enough to do anything with it. I mainly got it for prototyping my capstone project, but I might have to come up with some sort of project that combines knitting and physical computing. Like the Happiness Hat only maybe not involving stabbing people.

That list really ought to involve more cover letters and job applications, but that’s one part of my life I am still in some denial about. I’ve already applied to what is, from everything I can tell, a dream job for me, and I’ll totally get it, right? Right?


Oh! and I posted the mixes to Art of the Mix, because I keep losing iTunes libraries and therefore not having records of the totally sweet playlists I make (I kind of spend a lot of time listening to playlists that started out as mixes for other people). The latest three are the ones I sent her.