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You know, I started blogging on my official professional website here with the intention of writing about my capstone. I have clearly failed to do so. But maybe, now that I am actually building fun little things relating to it, I will? I’m also starting a small independent study project that is related to my capstone, and I’m writing a proposal about that that should serve as a nice capsule introduction to my topic and work so far. Once I get that finished I will probably post it. For now I just have another list.

Lately I’ve made…

The best way to keep a secret is not to let anyone know you have one, of course, but in this case I am reasonably confident that the people we are keeping the project secret from do not read my blog and even if they did would probably not suspect much or pressure me to divulge the secret. I hope.

I haven’t applied to any new jobs since the last time I posted a list, but I did ask for people to recommend me on linkedin since I was including my profile info in a couple of applications, and clearly all I need to do the next time I am feeling insecure about a cover letter is reread those recommendations. I mean, obviously I asked them for the recommendations, and it’s not like the people I asked were going to say bad things, but some people wrote rather embarrassingly nice things. Thanks you guys, I like you too!