Poor little half-finished guy is probably getting lonely

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Still busy making things! Haven’t really been able to work on my knitting, but maybe I will be able to get in some time with the grumpasaurus this weekend.

Since I last posted a list, I have made…

In fact I’ve spent the last two hours messing around in Photoshop trying to make background images that satisfy me, instead of working on content like I probably should be. Really what I think I need is a great image of a real prototype of my own, instead of just altering stock photography to try and make it look vaguely relevant.

I’ve also realized I’m becoming happier with my sketching style. It’s nice to look at my work and think “well, this could be better, but it is kind of appealing” instead of “ugh why am I even trying?” Of course this may have to do with the fact that lately all I’ve been sketching is computer equipment and glasses of water and LEDs and other shapes that are mainly rectangles with simple curvy bits, but I’ll take what I can get.

Maybe I should practice drawing people and dogs and stuff in ways that are basically just rectangles with simple curvy bits and a couple suggestive detail lines.

Back when I was using livejournal, I really liked the “current music” feature, maybe just because my last year of high school all my lj friends were quasi-hipsters who were really into indie music, but anyway Pandora just introduced me to this artist Clare Fader and I fell immediately in love and so I’m listening to her now and wanted to tell everyone. I haven’t bothered to add any custom fields to my wordpress theme that I could use as my own “current music” field, so I’ll just have to be obvious about it. Hey everyone, I’m listening to Clare Fader and she’s great.