Bite-Size UX for Nonprofits

in Design

A few months ago I gave a presentation as part of 501 Commons’ Brown Bag Training series on UX for nonprofits. The emphasis was on quick, low-cost activities that people at nonprofits could start doing without a lot of training, but would still provide useful feedback for their websites. I framed the presentation in terms of the kinds of goals nonprofits are typically trying to accomplish with their websites, but the basic techniques are applicable to anyone without a lot of budget or time, but still wants real user data to guide their design decisions.

Bite size ux from 501 Commons

The meat of the presentation is in the presenter notes since I don’t like to put a lot of text on my slides if I can avoid it, but for anyone looking to start diving into this kind of work, here’s a list of links to some good overviews and guides, plus the tools I talk about in the presentation.


Card Sorting

Content Inventories

A/B Testing

Usability Testing

And that should be more than enough to get anyone started!