in Musings

Alright, I wimped out and postponed my capstone presentation until May 11th. I want to record myself and put it on my portfolio, so I really want to be well-prepared and alert and also not sound all scratchy and gross, and that just wasn’t going to happen yesterday. So I went to I101 lab for a few hours and then came home and slept for a few hours, which suggests that I probably made the right choice.

I can talk more loudly today, which is good because I had another presentation, this one just a few minutes on my Human-Robot Interaction project. Which, the reason I’m posting is to brag about how I soldered things (for the HRI prototype) for the first time since like 6th grade science class, and I didn’t screw it up! Or burn myself. I’m not sure if I’ve cleaned the soldering iron correctly, though. I’m supposed to be able to just rub the tip on a damp sponge every time I use it, but I swear that wasn’t working. I don’t know.

Anyway now I am very tired.