You can stand under my umbrella

in Musings

Ok the past five days have just been exhausting from start to finish. I made a lot of crap but I’m too tired to list it. Instead I’m internet window shopping for umbrellas, because if I’m going to be living in Seattle I’m going to need an umbrella that can help counteract the grumpifying effect gray and rainy weather has on my mood. (I tried buying one from Old Navy but it broke the 3rd or 4th time I used it.) After all, what the hell else would I do on a Friday night?

Well, dance around my apartment to Lady Gaga and do some cleaning before the exhaustion really set in, but you know, other than that.

I live an exciting life. I shall share it with you by posting pictures of the umbrellas I like.

Up first is this guy:

clear bubble umbrella

I actually had an umbrella like this for awhile. My family moved when I was in elementary school and the previous owners of the house left some little things behind, like an umbrella that was clear and went over your face. It was sweet.

brown wave umbrella

I love the print on this one, though I might love it more if it came in other colors.

yellow, orange and pink umbrella

Wonderful bright colors here but I’d have to see it in person to be sure I like the style, I think.

red and pink flowers

Floral is not usually my thing, but I like the colors and the simple, graphic style

This one is awfully pretty, but I don’t think I’d be able to carry it without feeling like kind of a jerk.

umbrella with blue sky printed on this inside

This one made me smile.

If I were going to choose tonight, it would either be the clear blue one, or theMoMa one with the sky printed on the inside. The internet says the MoMa umbrella isn’t available in Target stores, so I can’t just bike to the mall tomorrow and buy it. They do carry some clear bubble umbrellas though. I might go look at the fancy umbrellas at the IU Museum if the weather is nice and I get tired of sitting inside writing a paper.