in Musings

I had all sorts of plans for interesting things to do and witty things to say, but mainly my weekend has been consumed by more computer issues. I decided it was time to try Windows 7, and preparing for installing a new OS and then dealing with the aftermath has been a laugh a minute. Plus I’m pretty sure my laptop’s power cord is about to die. I’m certainly seeing the symptoms that preceded my last power cord’s death, last April.

I am clearly at a point in my life when one computer is not enough for me to rely on. And if I had money to spare, I’d buy another. Instead I keep spending it all on plane tickets to Seattle to see some jerk.


Also I desperately need to trim my fingernails but I haven’t been able to find my nail clippers for three days. In the process of searching for them in unlikely places, I did turn up three separate install CDs for Ubuntu 8.04! Right now I’m kind of wishing it were feasible for me to go back to using Ubuntu full-time.