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Ok, so maybe what Vimeo had was not a problem with programming, but communication and managing expectations. About 3 hours after I signed up for my account, I finally got a confirmation email. And then half an hour after that I got a bunch more emails that had been generated by my attempts to get a first confirmation email. I’m assuming that when Vimeo told me an email had been “sent” what they really meant was that a request had been made to a server that would eventually get around to actually sending an email. I have no problems with that, as long as I’m informed that that is what is going on. Instead I was told that if I don’t already see an email, what I should do is check my spam folder or try getting another email sent.

Also I signed up for two more services today that involved email confirmation and they both sent me emails that arrived minutes after my signup. I do not think this is an auspicious start to my relationship with Vimeo, especially since all it would take to have avoided my ire was all of one sentence telling me the email might take a few hours to show up. Unless of course the delay itself was the result of a bug, in which case, get on it, Vimeo. And add the warning anyway, at least until you can be pretty sure you’re not going to get large numbers of people wondering whether or not it will be possible for them to use their accounts.

But whatever! The video is up now, and I haven’t actually looked at it because I don’t want to worry about all the mistakes I’ll see myself making that no one else cares about and can’t be changed now anyway. So…I hope you can see and hear me.


The Break Light from Lorelei Kelly on Vimeo.

I also uploaded my slides to slideshare, so you can follow along.

Finally, ages ago I mentioned a Super Secret Project a couple of times, and yesterday we finally revealed the project, which was a set of books we created as a class gift to our professors, containing photos, class quotes, and messages from students. A group of six of us planned the project and put everything together, but most of the graduating class of 2010 contributed messages to the professors. Here is a video of us presenting the books, and if you go to the Vimeo page you can see photos, and links to the previews on Blurb.com. The books turned out totally amazing, if I do say so myself. The profs were totally overcome.


2010 Class gift for the HCId Professors from siriomi on Vimeo.