Masters of the Universe

in Musings

or maybe just…SCIENCE.

Last Friday I was recommended for the conferral of the degree Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design or whatever it was they said during that remnant of medieval pageantry known as a higher education graduation ceremony. I mean, I participated willingly, and even though it was more of an event where the master’s candidates watched the phd candidates get hooded for an hour, I’m glad I did. I like rituals, and sometimes I need them to convince myself that something has really happened and is important. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking the whole thing is more than a little bit silly.

So basically today is the first time I’ve had real free time since…May 2nd, I think. I’d like to say I spent this time getting a video of my capstone uploaded so everyone can see it and then post a link to said video, but actually completing the final step of uploading a video would have required Vimeo to send me a confirmation email so that I can verify my account and start doing things with it, and though I have given them three different email addresses and clicked the “send another email” button several times, and also waited for many more minutes that an email that was supposedly “already sent” should take, no emails have been forthcoming. Not in my spam folder or anywhere else.

I just looked at the help forum and there’s a thread with over 100 comments of people asking for confirmation because they’ve never received a confirmation email, starting nearly a week ago. Awesome job getting your bugs fixed, Vimeo.